Brass Render K Mini


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We closed the books on the aluminum Mini K pens back in 2020, but we still had some of the brass bodies in a bin that had damaged caps. We boxed them up, put them in storage, and forgot them. Fast forward to last month, we’re adding boxes to the storage and run across the brass Mini K bodies, and the lightbulb goes on. One of the boxes we’re adding to storage is a new batch of brass K Series caps with messed up o-ring grooves. We can’t fix them for our V2 pen, they won’t work with those. BUT they’re a perfect fit for the brass Mini K bodies which didn’t have an o-ring. Bam, now we’re here.

The Brass Render K Mini is our Mini K pen machined from C360 brass. Originally created due to a large number of people requesting a pocket fountain pen. Unfortunately, the Mini K was never as popular as we’d hoped, and we ended up discontinuing the pen completely in 2018/2019. We sold the last of the aluminum pens in 2020, and this sale should clear out the remainder of the Brass Mini K pen. Each pen comes with a black Easyflow 9000 refill and a Karas Pen Co sticker. This chapter truly is closed, but we’ll always have more things to come.